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The ways to benefit from Wheatgrass:
In "The Wheatgrass Book", author Ann Wigmore says that fresh harvested wheatgrass will remain viable and potent for one week under refrigeration.
 (page 73) "cut grass can be stored for up to seven days in plastic bags in the refrigerator." 

Fresh cut wheatgrass, when properly grown on composted soil, will hold its nutritional value quite well under refrigeration. It is the juice itself that is very perishable. Once the juice is pressed from the grass in a juicer, it will begin to go bad in a half hour. If the juice cannot be consumed immediately, it should be discarded.
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Eat microgreens alone as a snack,
piled on sandwiches, tossed in salads, stuffed in wraps, tortillas, and omelets, thrown on pizzas before serving, cooked in stir-fry, juiced,

dropped into soups…
Make a Smoothie: blend a banana, some red berries or a mango, some almond milk (or probiotic kefir), some almond powder, and a handful of sunflowers or others.
Make a Fruit Salad: place a green onion, berries, carrots, celery into a food chopper and chop. Transfer to a plate and add sunflowers (cut in small chunks) and spicy mix. Toss gently.

Garnish any Sandwich with any microgreens (suggestions: ham with mustards, avocado with radish.)

Create an Inside Out Hors d’Oeuvre: place kale or broccoli or spicy mix into a slice of salami or ham, roll it, and pin it with a toothpick.

Eat as a Tiny Side Salad on the edge of your plate: microgreens are so delicate and tender, they don’t really require dressing.
Garnish Cocktails, Martinis, & Bloody Marys with colorful microgreens or float atop Sweet Drinks.

The many ways to eat your microgreens

Add to any Greens Salad (romaine, butter, arugula, oak…) some spicy mix, and/or peas, and/or sunflowers. Choose a light vinaigrette dressing.

Fold in an Omelet a handful of kale or radish just before folding the omelet.
Enhance a Baked Potato (and its nutritional value) with any microgreens (spicy mix for adults, broccoli,   kale, or brassica mix for kids)
Top Grilled Fish or Chicken Breast with any microgreens just before serving.
Drop a Steak on a bed of mustards or mizuna. 

Add microgreens to your Wraps just before rolling. 
Garnish Soups with microgreens. Or throw microgreens in a Miso Bowl with some ginger for a heart-warming drink.
Make Pea Shoots Stir-Fry: heat butter or oil in a wok or pan; toss in garlic and ginger and then peas; stir-fry vigorously for a minute or two; add soy sauce or tamari in the last 20-30 seconds; keep stirring; serve over rice.

Your imagination and

creativity are the limits

in using microgreens…

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