Life, microgreens,  our business and this website evolve and grow.  Visit us again to see what we are up to.

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Who are we?


We are Itsy Michael and Bitsy Astrid... hence Itsy Bitsy Greens.  More seriously, Michael is a farmer, a grower of many living things, a philosopher, and has been a student of Rudolf Steiner and biodynamic agriculture all his life. Astrid started in the world of graphic design, co-managed a business incubator in the late 1980s, did a stint in the software world, and finally landed alongside Michael to run a ranch/farm, raise a family of 3 adopted boys and most importantly, grow good food.  Aside from Itsy Bitsy Greens, Astrid fulfills her heart mission at Volunteer Hospice of Clallam County and singing with the Clallam County Threshold Choir.

We used to grow our own seeds and are still interested in obtaining good seeds from local sources. Currently, we buy from local when we can and preferably organic sources (Nash’s Organic Produce, Johnny’s Seeds, Tiensvold Farms, Sprout People.)  We make our own soil and use ingredients from a local company, Earth CPR Supplies, which provide nutrients right away to our seeds.  We have been inspired by Rudolf Steiner and Viktor Schauberger: we use biodynamic preparations in the soil, we use a Vortex Water Energizer for our watering needs, and we plant according to the Stella Natura planting biodynamic calendar.

We have grown and sold microgreens in different locations in California for many years and are well seasoned and in tune with our microgreens. We have been eating our own for as long as we have grown them. And we want to share this nutritious and healthy food with people.  We sell only freshly cut microgreens and only locally. Go to Contact  to find out where to get microgreens.